St John's Road Allotments

The allotment site at St John’s Road, Laughton-en-le-Morthen has been leased from the St Leger Estate by the Parish Council for over 100 years. The area provides a total of 94 plots which are available to rent by anyone living within 5 miles of the parish. The allotments are provided for the cultivation of produce for the benefit of the allotment holder and his/her immediate family. Allotments are not provided for the purpose of any trade or business for financial gain.

The Parish Council oversee the letting of plots and administrative duties involved in leasing the site, though the day-to-day running is carried out by a voluntary committee, the St John’s Road Allotment Society, made up of existing tenants. All tenants are required to pay a subscription to the Allotment Society to cover insurance/access to the communal area and is currently £8.00 per year, per person. The rent for an individual plot is set annually and includes access to the water supply. The rent is currently £24.00 per plot, per year, rising to £34.00 per plot, per year from 1 October 2024.   Tenancies run from 1st October to 30th September each year. New tenants will need to pay a bond of £50, which is refunded at the end of the tenancy if the plot is returned in good condition.

The St John’s Road Allotment Society operate a well-stocked communal area on the site which can sell vegetable seeds, bird feed, compost, fertiliser and other gardening-related products. It is currently open every Sunday between 10 am – 11 am. Non-tenants who wish to purchase items from the site can do so by joining the society for a nominal annual fee. Details can be obtained from the allotment shop.

Since the St John’s Road Allotment Society was formed in 2010, a number of joint projects with the Parish Council have been carried out to improve the site.

This includes:

  • The removal of asbestos from the site.
  • Upgrades to the on-site security including new locks and additional barriers.
  • Assistance in the removal of rubbish from many of the plots.
  • The creation of a communal garden area (on-going).
  • Regular hedge-trimming to improve the entrance road.
  • Purchase of road-scrapings to fill potholes on the allotment track.
If you are interested in taking on an allotment plot, please contact the clerk to the Parish Council – please see ‘Contact Us’ page.

Rules of St John’s Road Allotment Site 
 Specimen Tenancy Agreement
 St John's Road Allotment Application Form